Laziness is my talent ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
20, female, introvert, shy, daydreamer, awkward and ugly but kind and funny, I guess. Likes videogame, anime, music, cats, cute/dark things.

I used to like folk and power metal, but recently I discovered kpop and ended up loving it and being a fan. Now I love BIGBANG more than anything, they make me so happy. I try to be open minded and respect others. I think I'm a very casual gamer, but I do love it with all my heart, and I also love anime, though I'm not watching so much anymore and I tend to not watch the popular ones or too long anime.

Some stuff I'm posting/reblogging lately - Anime, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Silent Hill, games in general, some funny stuff, and a few about Bigbang and Block B.

My shitty fucking weird child face, that I advise you to not look, and you are warned ~
April 17th 2014


do you ever just want to listen to the same song for a week or maybe two

April 17th 2014
April 17th 2014


Imagine your icon singing on the furniture and blushing when you walk in on them. 

April 17th 2014



i bet my tongue is stronger than yours wanna find out



April 17th 2014




ever wish u could just

What jerk made this

it was me 

expressing my personal feelings about my body

i’ll make sure not to do that next time

April 17th 2014
April 17th 2014
April 17th 2014
April 17th 2014
My mouth can’t translate the things my heart says.
—Jin Akanishi (via ithurtssomuch)
April 16th 2014




it’s kind of ridiculous that we have to work our asses off for 13 years in school just to work our asses off for another 2-8+ years in college just to work our asses off in a job that we probably don’t even like, when we were born on this earth without a choice and i for one certainly didn’t sign up for that

this is seriously all i fucking think about

then we all die. The end.

April 16th 2014

"…But there’s another tale told by my people.  Though the goddesses forbade us to return to the world of light, they left one link between the light and the darkness.  Something called the Mirror of Twilight was passed down to the protectors of Hyrule."

April 16th 2014
April 16th 2014
April 16th 2014



So I know someone and they gave me a PS4 because of reasons and I already have one so YAY GIVEAWAY TIME AGAIN

okay so rules:

must be following me (jackbaracumquat) as it is a follower give-away after all. 

likes and reblogs both count since I know its easier to keep track of things when you like them. More reblogs more chances and whatever.

(I will check if the winner is following me)

and I will use a random generator to pick the winner!!!

AND I WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE! (Because I have enough money to do so. Even though I’m buying a car. So I will put some money aside for this)

okay so I will be choosing the winner on May 12th (because I like that day) and winner will be inboxed (SO KEEP YOUR INBOX OPEN BECAUSE IF I CAN’T MESSAGE YOU YOU WON’T GET IT I HAD THAT ISSUE LAST GIVEAWAY)


  • A Playstation 4 (obviously)
  • 1 controller (There was 2 but I needed one so sorry)
  • Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag 
  • Outlast 
  • Flowers 
  • Don’t Starve 
  • Warframe 
  • Contrast 
  • Dead Nation (Apocalypse Edition) 
  • Resogun 
  • BlackLight Retribution

so yeah good luck message me with any questions!!

April 16th 2014